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Basic Kentrox DSUs

Kentrox Data Service Unit/Channel Service Units (DSU/CSUs) are renowned for their performance, reliability, and broad range of features. DSUs are WAN access devices that combine the data formatting of a DSU with the FCC-mandated line protection and diagnostic capabilities of a CSU.

Kentrox D-SERV II, 56/64k
KentroxD-SERV T1, T1
Kentrox Satellite 651, T1

Managed Kentrox DSUs

Kentrox DataSMART 552, 56/64k Plug-in
Kentrox DataSMART 456, E1 Standalone
Kentrox DataSMART 458, E1 Standalone
Kentrox DataSMART E1 MAX Dual-port, E1 Standalone
Kentrox DataSMART 554, T1 Plug-in
Kentrox DataSMART 558, T1 Plug-in
Kentrox DataSMART 656, T1 Standalone
Kentrox DataSMART 658, T1 Standalone
Kentrox DataSMART MAX T1 Dual-port
Kentrox DataSMART MAX T1 Dual-port Add/Drop
Kentrox DataSMART MAX T1 Quad-port Add/Drop
Kentrox DataSMART T3/E3 IDSU

Kentrox Frame Monitoring DSU's

Kentrox DataSMART 681, 56/64k Standalone
Kentrox DataSMART 584, T1 Plug-in
Kentrox DataSMART 588, T1 Plug-in
Kentrox DataSMART 696, T1 Standalone
Kentrox DataSMART 698, T1 Standalone

Kentrox Accessories

Universal Mounting Tray

Kentrox Q-Series QoS Access Routers

With the Q-Series, customers get the functions of an IP router, Quality-of-Service (QoS) appliance, Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliance, firewall, WAN access device and Ethernet switch - all in a single, affordable device.

Kentrox Q2200 T1 QoS Access Router
Kentrox Q2300 Ethernet QoS Access Router
Kentrox Q2400 Dual T1 and Ethernet QoS Access Router

Access Concentrators (AAC)

AAC Multi-service Access Concentrators simplify networks and minimize recurring WAN access costs. AAC concentrators aggregate services by statistically multiplexing voice, video, and data on a single network connection.

Kentrox CellSMART Access Concentrators

Wireless Access

CrossPATH 3G Flexible T1 Cross Connects
CrossPATH IIe Triple T1 Intelligent CSU


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