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We Sell A Wide Variety of KVM Switch Products From the Simple to Large Rack-Installed Switches
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A KVM switch (with KVM being an acronym for Keyboard, Video, Mouse) is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse. Although multiple computers are connected to the KVM, only one can be controlled at a time. Modern devices have also added the ability to share USB devices and speakers with multiple computers.

A KVM switch is useful in any situation where you have multiple computers, but don't want or need a dedicated keyboard, monitor and mouse for each one. They are frequently used in data centers where multiple servers are placed in a single rack with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. A KVM switch then allows data center personnel to connect to any server in the rack.

Remote KVM devices are also available that allow multiple computers to be controlled remotely across a wide area network, local area network or telephone-line using the TCP/IP protocols and a web browser. In comparison to conventional methods of remote administration (for example Virtual Network Computing or Terminal Services), a KVM switch has the advantage that it doesn't depend on a software component running on the remote computer, thus it allows for editing of BIOS settings remotely.

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