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GDC Universal Access System

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GDC Universal Access System


• Fast and cost-effective provisioning of advanced digital services
• Maximizing use of the existing 2-wire copper loop infrastructure
• Subrate to 2 Mbps rates on a single platform using G.shdsl, SDSL, IDSL, and HDSL technologies
• Fractional E1/T1 and multi-loop grooming services
• Full access multiplexing/grooming into multiple channelized E1/T1 pipes

The UAS Advantage — DSL The General Data-Comm family of DSL products, called the Universal Access System (UAS) enables carriers to use 2-wire copper loops for connection to any switched or leased line service platform including PSTN voice, frame relay and ATM switches and backbone transport equipment for private line services. UAS is built for maximum equipment integration and global service provisioning on one platform.

Reduced Facility and Hardware Costs – Subrate through wideband services can be provided on existing 2-wire copper loops up to 6.5 km/ 21,400 ft. The same shelf can be used to provision G.shdsl, SDSL, IDSL, and HDSL services.  Reduced Network Switch Costs – The UAS 7000’s ability to groom and multiplex N x 64 Kbps SDSL, IDSL, and HDSL loops into full T1/E1 reduces the number of ports needed on DACS, frame relay, or ATM switches.

Lower Maintenance Costs – TEAMฎ, the UAS’s centralized network management system, provides performance monitoring, testing, and service verification for all equipment, both within the exchange office and at the customer location. Loop and equipment performance degradation and fault alarms are constantly monitored, leading to significantly reduced Mean Times To Repair.

UAS Product Features

The UAS 700 Series uses High-Bit-Rate and Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL/SHDSL/SHDSL/G.shdsl) technology, an extension of DSL based on advanced digital signal processing.  A versatile range of access selections includes the following master units designed for the carrier central office:

• The UAS 780-G2, 700A-G2 and 710-D2 for E1 applications
• The UAS 701-T2 for T1 applications.
•UAS 700 units are also available in remote powered configurations for unattended sites.

The GT Series provides DSL termination in a small footprint for the customer site.
    • The GT 128, a low cost NTU with a universal V.35/X.21 interface (optional EIA/TIA-232-E).
    The GT 1000/2000 Series, a cost-effective family of standalone, desktop NTUs with universal
    V.35/X.21/V.11 interfaces.

The UAS 600 Series are IDSL-based access and termination products ideal for 64/128 Kbps narrowband service provisioning. They use the IDSL (ISDN Digital Subscriber Line) technology’s innovative 2B1Q line coding and echo cancellation techniques
to achieve full duplex 160 Kbps transmission on the local loop. From 160 Kbps, 128 Kbps is available as one or two 64 Kbps channels or a single 128 Kbps channel. The 600 Series provides economical and easily installed access to digital networks, or it can be directly connected to service platforms, such as a frame relay switch. At the customer premises, traditional DTE interfaces are provided to the customer terminal equipment.

For the carrier office or central site, two IDSL access choices are available:
• The UAS 613 with three X.21 (V.11) user interfaces
• The UAS 611 with one V.35/V.24 interface
At the customer location, narrowband service is terminated using:
• The DC 612 NTU with two V.35 or optional X.21 interfaces
• The DC 621 NTU with one V.35/V.24 interface

The UAS 7000 Series enhances the UAS system by adding access multiplexing to the platform. Fully compatible with the
600, GT 128, and GT 1000/2000 Series remotes, the UAS 7000 allows carriers to cost-effectively and efficiently feed customers into channelized frame relay, Digital Cross Connect, or even ATM networks without the need for an intermediate multiplexer. Network Interface Units (NIUs) rackmounted in the UAS shelf provide grooming and multiplexing of multiple 64/128 Kbps IDSL, S-HDSL, HDSL, or SDSL loop circuits into as many as eight E1/T1 pipes. UAS 7000  Drop Side Interface Units (DIUs) collocated
with the NIUs, provide channel-side interfaces to DC 600, GT 128, or GT 1000/2000 Series standalones located at customer sites.

UAS 7000 NIUs include both E1 and T1 versions:
• The UAS 7001 for T1 multiplexing over one circuit
• The UAS 7002 for E1 multiplexing over one circuit
• The UAS 7022 for multiplexing over two E1 circuits

UAS 7000 LTUs include:
• The UAS 7616, a one slot unit for terminating up to three IDSL loops and the UAS 7616ML, which can interface
to three ISDN terminal adapters.
• The UAS 7626, a one slot unit for terminating up to six IDSL loops
• The UAS 7722, a one slot unit terminating up to two S-HDSL loops
• The UAS 7723, a one slot unit terminating up to two SDSL loops

In addition, the UAS 7624, a two-slot combination NIU/LTU designed for higher density applications, has an integral T1 NIU and can concentrate up to 12 IDSL loops.


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