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GDC TMS-3000
Advanced Internetworking Platform

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GDC TMS-3000 Advanced Internetworking Platform

When deployed with General DataCommís Office Communications Manager (OCM), the TMS-3000 is unparalleled in combining branch office traffic onto a single backbone. The broad range of standards-compliant wide area interfaces, ranging from low speed connections through 56/64 Kbps narrowband services, fractional T1/E1, fully channelized T1/E1 and ISDN, allow network designers to select the most appropriate available services to meet bandwidth and budget requirements. The ability to concentrate
traffic from hundreds of remote locations, combined with broad application support, makes the TMS-3000 the perfect choice for streamlining access into the backbone network from branch offices.


General DataCommís TMS-3000, the core of the TMS (Transport Management System) product family, is a high capacity internetworking platform designed to efficiently manage all types of communications.  Connections between Local Area Networks (LANs), traditional data applications, videoconferencing and voice communications are consolidated to provide a streamlined, highly integrated network. Applications formerly supported over separate LAN, data and voice networks are now effectively integrated for simpler, more cost effective operation.  Integral to the TMS-3000 are support for such varied requirements as SNA traffic requiring predictable response times, videoconferencing, and voice traffic.  As corporate networks become increasingly vital business assets, management becomes increasingly important. The TMS family is supported by GTS, a PC/XENIX-based network management system.

Reduced Equipment Needs

The TMS-3000 replaces multiple service connections and a proliferation of equipment at backbone locations. This, combined with consolidated access to branch offices, translates directly into immediate cost savings.
The broad range of applications the TMS-3000 supports eliminates the need for a variety of equipment. Instead, the TMS-3000 allocates bandwidth for many services, providing routing and management functions.
Consolidates Branch Office Traffic As information becomes an increasingly important business weapon, effective, economic and reliable connections to smaller branch offices becomes strategically necessary. The TMS-3000 is a powerful platform combines LAN, voice, video, and other data traffic from hundreds of branch offices over a full range of services, from narrowband to T1/E1 or satellite. Using any of these services, General DataCommís OCM-2000, which is specifically designed for branch office applications, can be concentrated through the TMS-3000.

Flexible Network Topology And System Configurations

The wide variety of services that can be used with the TMS-3000 provide network planners with complete flexibility. Point-to-point, delta, star, or fully meshed topologies can be designed to support requirements ranging from T1/E1 timeslot interchange and drop and insert functions to voice compression. 

High Efficiency Multiplexing

The TMS 3000 provides for aggregate interfacing into the byte-oriented public network, thus facilitating access to services provided by the DACS-based network and enabling direct PBX connections in support of voice applications. To ensure low nodal delay and maximum bandwidth usage to T1/E1 environments, the TMS 3000 can also be configured to employ a highly sophisticated version of bit multiplexing.

Called High Efficiency Multiplexing (HEM), this technique is much more efficient than many subrate methods, achieving better than 99% efficiency. HEM allows more channels to be transported between network nodes, provides minimum end-to-end delays and results in excellent response times.

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