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GDC SpectraComm
Universal Access System (SC/UAS)

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GDC SpectraComm / Universal Access System (SC/UAS)

The SC/UAS Series shelves offer compact, high density rackmounting for GDC’s SC and UAS Series access products. They occupy rack space of only 179 mm (7 in.) high and a shallow 305 mm (12 in.) in depth — which meets the requirements specified in the Bellcore NEBS Level III standard in North America. With an empty shelf weight of 8.2 kg (18.0 lb.), they can be flush or center-of-gravity mounted in either standard 483 mm (19 in.) or 584 mm (23 in.) deep cabinets.

The SC/UAS shelves’ 16-slot capacity, along with the ability to mix and match a variety of access products on one shelf, allows for cost-effective support for a broad range of applications. A plug-in SNMP agent, the SCM, enables standards based management via SNMP.  The SC/UAS Series shelves feature an innovative, modular backplane that divides functionality into three horizontal zones: a network zone for analog or digital services interface, a bus zone for power distribution and transport of diagnostic and control signals, and a DTE zone for V.24/EIA/TIA-232-E or V.35 interface to terminal devices. All line and DTE connectors
are easily accessible from the rear of the shelf.

A full range of six models includes AC versions (100/120 or 220/240 VAC) and –48 VDC powered versions in various backplane configurations. All models come equipped with at least one power supply module (GPS-11, GPS-11E or DPS-11). An optional second power supply can be ordered for redundant configurations. (The
exception to this is Model 12, which comes with two power supplies.) In addition, the power distribution system permits redundancy using only three power supplies for every two adjacent shelves. (See the SC/UAS Series Shelves data sheet for a matrix of backplane configuration options.)

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