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GDC SpectraComm Manager (SCM)

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GDC SpectraComm Manager (SCM)
Telnet SNMP Agent


SpectraComm Manager (SCM)
SCM Key Features:

Provides SNMP management of local and remote network elements
Supports direct Ethernet LAN attachment (10BaseT, 10Base2)
Provides a modem port for dial back up
Extends SNMP management to legacy GDC products
RADIUS Security

The SCM is the shelf controller and network management interface to all SpectraComm access elements. It allows TCP/IP based centralized management by acting as the SNMP agent for the chassis and as the management interface to multiple network elements, providing a cost-effective and comprehensive solution.

The SCM provides access to the entire network for data set configuration, alarms, performance monitoring, diagnostic testing, and restoral. One SCM and its corresponding IP address can control up to 31 network elements in a high density SpectraComm Shelf. Remote companion units across the network from corresponding SpectraComm rackmount units can also be controlled by the same SCM.

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