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GDC SpectraComm IP E1
Reliable E-1 Connectivity For Remote Network Management

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GDC SpectraComm IP-E1
Reliable E-1 Connectivity For Remote Network Management


• Low-cost, reliable routing or LAN-extension
• Supports scalable high performance LAN via 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
• Compatible with existing UAS 600, 700 and 7000 Series devices.
• PTT-tough, compliant packaging


As PTTs introduce IP equipment to their networks, GDC’s SpectraComm IP device (SC-IP) offers two independent modes of operation that provide access solutions for LAN attached IP devices and legacy (Craft Port) devices. SC-IP connectivity can be conducted over the Carrier’s E1/FE1 networks, as well as over a dial-up PSTN.

• In router mode, SC-IP provides management access by extending the PTT’s internal network to remote locations where separate IP networks are required.

• In LAN-X mode, SC-IP can be deployed as a LAN extension device for those remote locations where a
single ‘flat’ IP network is required.

Connectivity via IP Routing

Figure 1 demonstrates how the SpectraComm IP uses static routing to forward IP data between serial WAN ports an Ethernet (LAN) switch and connects to the craft ports up to eight co-located devices. Dial-in users may be authorized for read or read-write access to remote devices the private switched telephone network.


Connectivity via LAN Extension

Figure 2: When placed in LAN-extension mode, the SC-extends the Carrier’s local area networks. Deployed pairs, SC-IP cards are connected to their separate LANs the Ethernet interface and are connected to each other back-to-back’ via the E1 or WAN. GDC’s LAN-extension LAN-X) is used as the link layer WAN protocol.


Switched Ethernet Applications

When additional Ethernet connectivity is required, SC- will integrate with SpectraComm Ethernet Switch (SC-
cards, offering scalable IP connectivity in 9 or 18 port increments.

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