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GDC  SpectraComm High Density Shelf

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GDC  SpectraComm High Density Shelf

GDC’s SpectraComm MS-2 high density shelves offer universal rackmounting for up to 16 network access support products.  SpectraComm provides a new dimension of flexibility and control, made possible by its modular, bus-oriented backplane that transforms the basic rackmount shelf into an intelligent platform with integral network management capabilities. You gain a springboard to dial modem management, as well as application-independent packaging for any mixture of narrowband, wideband or broadband services.

SpectraComm MS-2 Shelves offer cost-effective solutions for both service provider and enterprise environments. Per NEBS specifications, the high density model occupies only 7 inches (178 mm) of rack height and a shallow 12 inches (305 mm) of depth. Shelves can be flush or center-of-gravity mounted in
either standard 19 or 23-inch cabinets. AC and DC powered versions, Telcordia NEBS compliance, and worldwide safety and EMI compliance add to SpectraComm’s versatility.

With SpectraComm MS-2 Shelves, you can tailor network interfaces, transmission product types and speeds, and business equipment connections to fit your networking needs. The secret to this flexibility is an innovative, modular backplane design that divides functionality into three horizontal zones: a network interface zone, a management bus zone, and DTE zone. This architecture, along with front panel connectors, supports DSX-1, V.35, EIA-530, V.24, EIA/TIA-232, BNC and HSSI interfaces. This interface flexibility allows a mix of applications across a single shelf system.

Multiple Power Supplies Provide Redundancy Each shelf can accept either one or two plug-in power supplies.
One supply is sufficient to support a fully populated shelf.  However, a second supply can be added for load sharing and to provide redundancy, especially for critical on-line applications.

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