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GDC SpectraComm ADT
Asynchronous Data Transfer Device

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GDC SC ADT Asynchronous Data Transfer Device
End to End Connectivity Over Private IP Networks


SC ADT Highlights

Provides secure, high performance, low-cost transfer of async data between sites utilizing IP networks.
Scalable, individually configurable ports in 16- or 32- port increments.
Acts as a terminal server to connect local craft devices, allowing management from anywhere in the network.
Provides alarm reporting via contact sensing, alarm traps and contact outputs between network locations.
Supports LAN connection to 10/100Base-T Ethernet.
Supports automated configuration of multiple SC-ADT devices via ASCII batch file upload/download.
Low power consumption (6 watts maximum per slot).
Designed for NEBS Level III Certification


The SpectraComm Asynchronous Data Transfer device (SC-ADT) is designed primarily for high density applications where asynchronous data transfer over private IP networks is required. The NEBS-certified SC-ADT can be deployed anywhere in the network where asynchronous devices, craft port equipment or contact relays are located. Figure 1 shows SC-ADT supporting multiple applications simultaneously:
From the Management Station, all SC-ADT units are managed via Telnet, SNMP, and HTTP. Password-protected local and dial-in access is also supported.
At SC-ADT sites, some async ports are configured as terminal server ports, some to exchange async data with other sites, some for external modem connections.
The rear panel DB-25 connector provides contact ports for alarm transfer and traps.

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