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GDC OCM-1000 Office Communication Manager
Hybrid Access Networking Device

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GDC GDC OCM-1000 Office Communication Manager
Hybrid Access Networking Device


General DataComm’s OCM 1000 is a Hybrid Access Networking Device (HAND) for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and point-to-network applications with a growth path to the power of the TMS 3000 system.
The OCM 1000 offers connectivity to a variety of carrier services, allowing users to select the configuration with the best cost/performance ratio for their network environment. These service options include 9.6 to 28.8 Kbps analog services; 56/64 Kbps leased line services; fractional T1/E1 services (groomed N x 56/64 Kbps services); and T1/E1 services. The OCM 1000 offers investment protection because it can be upgraded to participate in a large Transport Managment System (TMS) backbone network simply by swapping a common logic module.  There is no need to discard network equipment and the initial investment as requirements grow.

ARCHITECTURE The OCM 1000 is extremely flexible.  It supports up to two full E1 (2.048 Mbps) or T1 (1.544 Mbps) aggregates. The base system accommodates both circuit and packet switched operation. Plug-in cards use the backplane architecture to implement various circuit and packet capabilities.

APPLICATION SUPPORT The OCM 1000 supports a comprehensive range of applications, including LAN
internetworking, videoconferencing and imaging, as well as traditional voice and data applications.  These applications are consolidated and transported across a single communications path between OCM 1000s. Brief discussions of common OCM 1000 applications follow.

PRIVATE NETWORK ACCESS The OCM 1000 serves used as a multiple aggregate network multiplexer for small private networks. It is configurable to access the private network over public or private transmission facilities, via either narrowband or wideband circuits. In a private network, up to four remote OCM 1000s are supported via the OCM 1500 split shelf.

PUBLIC NETWORK ACCESS In a public network, the OCM 1000 provides T1/E1 bandwidth provisioning
service. The OCM can deliver 24 (T1) or 31 (E1) 56/64 Kbps channels for cross-connection at a carrier’s
central office. A channel from one T1/E1 interface may be cross-connected to another wideband interface, or provisioned as a narrowband circuit terminating on a CSU or DSU. Channels can also be cross-connected to the carrier’s frame relay service.

INTEGRATED TURBO DATA COMPRESSION Using the public network to “groom” 56/64 Kbps data, the
OCM 1000 provides integral data compression with throughput rates exceeding 256 Kbps. This arrangement
can rival the cost/performance benefit of public frame relay service by providing fractional T1/E1 throughput on 56/64 Kbps circuits.  A single OCM can combine multiple remote data compression channels onto one T1/E1 aggregate while providing end-to-end management and statistics of the compressed data network.

With the OCM Packet Processor (OPP) module, LAN bridging and routing
functions are integrated into the OCM 1000.  Through the OPP, the OCM 1000 supports full LAN connectivity across the network in both homogeneous (Ethernet-Ethernet and Token Ring-Token Ring) and heterogeneous environments (Ethernet-Token Ring). This powerful capability provides LAN segmentation for local LANs in the small business environment, as well as connection to a remote location over digital services.  The OCM also supports all major LAN internetworking methods: Self Learning (Spanning Tree) bridging, IBM’s Source Routing, and Multiprotocol Routing (including TCP/IP and IPX).  In T1/E1 groomed environments, the OPP acts as an IP/IPX FRAD, allowing LAN traffic to be encapsulated in frame relay and groomed to a public frame relay network.

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