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GDC Multipak

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GDC Multipak

The Multipak is a 10-slot shelf that accommodates up to ten Spectra-Comm or UAS access products. An attractive, space-saving desktop enclosure measuring 229 mm (9.0 in.) high by 343 mm (13.5 in.) wide by 292 mm (11.5 in.) deep, it supports a wide range of speeds and applications such as small office or branch office locations. Like the SC/UAS shelf, this AC-powered enclosure features a modular backplane design for easy servicing and expansion.

The ten slot SpectraComm Multipak Enclosure is a high density package for CPE locations. This attractive enclosure accepts a wide range of SpectraComm low profile, seven-inch high cards for space-saving installations.

The SpectraComm Multipak is constructed of durable, lightweight materials. It features a hinged, semi-transparent smoked plexiglass front that allows the status LEDs on the cards to be monitored and easy access to the enclosed SpectraComm devices. Since products plug directly into connectors on the system backplane, they can be quickly added, removed, or exchanged under system power with no impact on the other cards in the shelf, ensuring continuous network operation.

The Multipak can be configured with a 100/120 VAC power supply module that plugs easily into any standard AC power outlet. The unit may also be ordered with a 220/240 VAC input. Both modules are removable for easy on-site replacement


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