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GDC INNOVX Frame Relay
WAN Interface Probe

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GDC INNOVX Frame Relay WAN Interface Probe:


• Frame monitoring probe installs between the customer’s router and NTU (CSU/DSU)
• Supports SLV (Service Level Verification) over Frame Relay
• Integral Web-based management and reporting
• Multi-protocol support for V.35/EIA-530A/X.21 up to 2.048 Mbps
• Compatible with innovx 553, 553Plus, MSP and Innovx Frame Manager WinNT
• Field upgrades via TFTP download and dual image FLASH


The WAN Interface Probe, or WIP — the newest addition to the innovx™ Family — further extends the application base for high quality, comprehensive network monitoring and troubleshooting.  As in previous innovx offerings, the innovx WIP delivers all the tools necessary for network managers to judge the quality of their frame relay network, allowing for bandwidth management, performance baselining, troubleshooting and accurate real-time monitoring. Innovx customers have already realized paybacks through bandwidth optimization; CIR and subscriber-fee reductions; and credits for service outages from carriers and service


The introduction of the innovx WIP allows users of frame relay networks to easily add innovx monitoring and testing capabilities, without disturbing existing equipment infrastructures. The innovx WIP’s speed flexibility relieves worries of obsolescence and easily adapts to any model or brand of NTU (Network Termination Unit). Seamless report generation between it and other innovx family members make the WIP the next logical step for expanding your network visibility reach.

Ease of Installation and Use

Innovx can be installed quickly — without the need for specialized personnel. Intuitive web-based HTML screens allow for comfortable operation that is easily learned. Once connected, innovx begins by polling
the frame relay network and discovering remote PVCs with or without router connectivity. Network installation and problem isolation has never been so easy. Router issues and circuit issues are quickly discovered allowing for quick restorations, as well as eliminating costly and time consuming “finger
pointing”. Add the Innovx Frame Manager and daily, weekly, and monthly reports can be automatically
generated, centrally gathered, electronically distributed and published via the Web. Innovx Frame Manager operates on a standard PC platform, running under Windows NT.

Integral Management

Every innovx™ unit is equipped with an internal network management GUI using a revolutionary embedded Web server agent. This agent allows desktop web browsers to perform configurations, draw reports, troubleshoot, and control innovx devices directly, without the need for a separate network management workstation. Each innovx stores 24 hours worth of information regarding the health and status of the network, DSU/CSU and router device. Frame relay channel statistics and individual PVC statistics — including throughput, utilization, congestion, bursting, and errors — are just a few of the items that can be monitored
both in real-time and historical fashion. Drill down screen design helps the user to quickly pinpoint problem areas. Innovx integrates with standard SNMP management software such as HP Openview or Concord Network Health. Traps for each and every event are fully configurable and contain text describing the exact event as it occurs, when it occurs — in realtime, if desired.

Scalable Architecture

Innovx is the first of its kind to support a modular and scaleable software architecture that allows you to build a network that “meets the needs” of today but is ready for the future. Innovx is a powerful processing platform that can be upgraded to adapt to new protocols and features as they become available. No hardware upgrades are required.


The innovx WIP is provided with a compact desktop housing for use in standard office environments. LEDs on the front panel indicate transmit and receive status for each physical port as well as errors and test conditions. The power supply is internally mounted and provides universal AC functionality (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz). The line cord is removable such that it may easily be supplied with the correct AC line side connector.

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