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Extending IP Connectivity for Enterprise Users

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GDC INNOVX FastRoute -- Extending IP Connectivity
For Enterprise Users

InnovX Fast Route Highlights

General DataComm offers a powerful technology that gives Enterprise users extended IP connectivity along with
exceptional remote management features. When deployed in enterprise networks, the Innovx FastRoute card reduces
network costs, extends internal IP networks and simplifies network management and administration. The versatile
and feature-rich FastRoute devices can be configured for LAN extension or as a router eliminator to provide:

• Plug-and-play LAN extension
• Reduced hardware and network maintenance costs
• Simplified inband management of remote sites
• Simplified out-of-band management via external modem or optional integral V.34 modem
• Transparent Ethernet LAN over Frame Relay or standard T1 / FT1, E1/FE1, DDS or xDSL circuits
• Scalable high performance LAN via standard 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
• Full redundancy and loop elimination with standardsbased Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
• GDC’s proven design engineering ensures low cost and the highest reliability available
• Reduced power consumption of 6 Watts, max.
• Flexible packaging for remote sites

Extend LANs and Eliminate Routers

When businesses expand their network into a local campus or to branch offices, the 100-meter distance limitation of
standard Ethernet can be an obstacle. Innovx FastRoute clears the way for secure and reliable LAN extension
between floors or between buildings by extending the LAN over longer distances. Thus, enterprise network architecture becomes simplified, expensive routers are eliminated and the enterprise benefits from the streamlined installation and management of services over existing facilities.

Disaster Recovery Via Dial-up

Innovx FastRoute devices provide out-of-band management for LAN-attached IP devices over standard FT1/T1,
E1/FE1, DDS or xDSL circuits. In the event of line failure, FastRoute supports dial-up connectivity as an alternate
path for maintaining data flow and out-of-band management to the campus or remote sites. Using an external
modem or the FastRoute’s optional integral modem, network managers can use password-protected dial-up access
to reconfigure and prioritize FastRoute functions during periods of line outage.

Scaleability and Flexibility

The FastRoute installs in the Innovx 1000 enclosure, the Innovx TwinPak shelf or the 10-slot Innovx MultiPak enclosure.
For higher density applications, the Innovx High Density shelf holds 16 Innovx devices. Any Innovx family product card can be co-located in the shelf with FastRoute, for an integrated and flexible managed shelf environment that is scalable to network requirements.


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