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GDC GPS-11 DPS-11 Power Supplies

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GDC GPS-11 DSP-11 Power Supplies

GPS-11/DPS-11 The GPS-11 is a plug-in module used in either the OCM or SC/UAS Shelf. A single GPS-11 supports a fully loaded shelf.  Two GPS-11 modules mounted in the same shelf provide load sharing in normal service or a backup source of power if one of the modules fails. The second power supply can be installed, removed or activated without affecting the operation of the shelf.

This highly reliable power supply handles a wide range of AC inputs, from 90 to 265 VAC. The GPS-11
is available in two versions: the GPS-11 for North American and the GPS-11E for international use. 

The DPS-11 is the 48 VDC input voltage version of the GPS-11 with the same outstanding features and reliability. It is particularly suited to telephone company central office environments.

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