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GDC Dual DATX Series Shelves

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GDC Dual DATX Series Shelves

The Dual DATX Series shelves are designed exclusively for use with GDC's data-over-voice channel cards.  These products feature the dual modem concept, so that 32 channels can be accommodated
by these 16-slot shelves. The overall dimensions of the DATX shelves are 483 mm (19 in.) wide by 267 mm
(10.5 in.) high by 343 mm (13.5 in.) deep.  They are available with AC or DC input power. All AC versions weigh 10 kg (22 lb.), while the DC version weighs 7 kg (15.5 lb.), excluding the power supply. In all AC versions, the power supply contains four transformers, each capable of distributing power to four adjacent shelf slots.

Models are available for input powers of 100, 117, 220 and 240 VAC. The DC version accepts one or two DPS-7A (48 VDC) input power supply modules. Each of these modules is capable of supplying power to a completely loaded shelf, so the use of two modules provides fully redundant operation. All connectors are accessible from the rear. They include three Amphenol 50-position female connectors for VF interfaces and 32 DB-25 EIA/TIA-232-E female connectors for business machine interfaces.

Models available are: DTX-1-D (117 VAC); DTX-1-J (100VAC); DTX-1-E (220 VAC); DTX-1-U (240 VAC); DTX-1-DC (48 VDC, redundant or non-redundant).

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