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GDC DeskTop-56 DSU
DT-56 Standalone 048A101-005

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GDC DeskTop-56 DT-56 Standalone


• Synchronous data transmission over 56 Kbps digital circuits
• Powerful diagnostic testing abilities for rapid fault isolation
• Extended dynamic range to –49dB for smooth operation over lines with low signal levels


The DeskTop-56 (DT-56) is a low cost, high performance and high quality data service unit (DSU) aesthetically designed for office environments.  It supports the high speed data rate of 56 Kbps in standard digital point-to-point or multipoint networks.  It is also a cost-effective data service unit for point-to-point limited distance applications.  Designed for easy, plug-and-go installation, the
DT-56 unit simplifies initial installation and future service upgrades. This highly reliable, user friendly product combines superior performance with a sleek, compact design that blends well with any surroundings.

The DT-56 unit is line compatible and diagnostic test compatible with GDC’s other DSU products, including the SpectraComm 500A designed for central sites. It is also line compatible with non-GDC DSUs operating at 56 Kbps that are compliant with the Bell Publication 62310.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The DT-56 is configured using simple, clearly marked switches on the bottom of the unit. An optioning information chart is also provided on the bottom of the unit. There is no need to wrestle with complicated prompts, confusing menu trees or lengthy instruction manuals. To make things even simpler, the unit can be preconfigured at a central site and then delivered to remote sites for plug-in installation.

Tests are initiated via dedicated front panel pushbuttons with associated LEDs indicating the test in progress. Any errors detected are instantly visible through appropriate flashing LEDs. 

Powerful Diagnostics

The DT-56 features three different Remote Digital Loopback (RDL) tests, ensuring diagnostic compatibility with many other DSUs. In addition to a GDC standard remote loopback, these tests include a V.54 loopback test and a PN 127 loopback test. The DT-56 also supports carrier-initiated CSU and DSU loopback tests. Self-test, line loopback and remote loopback tests can be conducted using either a 511 or a 2047 internal bit test pattern.  Superior Performance The DT-56 includes an Extended Dynamic Range feature that assures trouble-free operation, even over lines with very low signal levels, such as unusually long subscriber loops.

When optioned for multipoint applications, the DT-56 DSU supports an anti streaming feature that automatically times out remote units with RTS On for 20 seconds. The DT-56 incorporates the latest VLSI and microprocessor technology, so it consumes very
little power, resulting in low heat dissipation and longer component life for years of reliable performance.

Highest Quality

With a calculated MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of over 950,000 hours, the DeskTop-56 continues GDC’s reputation for
transmission products of the highest quality.



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