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DT-T1 048A102-005
Economical T1 / FT1 Access for Branch Offices

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• High performance T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU for office environments
• Supplies bandwidth of up to 1.544 Mbps
• Adheres to all T1 / FT1 access standards
• Easy configuration and installation
• Powerful diagnostics for rapid fault isolation and system restoral
• ESF error statistics, alarm and status reporting


The DeskTop-T1 (DT-T1) is a single channel CSU/DSU that provides economical, advanced network access at full T1 or fractional T1 (FT1) rates in an attractive, compact package. This highly reliable, user-friendly product is an excellent choice for branch office environments where network management is not needed, or for central sites requiring a basic high speed access solution. Remote site DT-T1s can be combined with a GDC SpectraComm 5000 System at the central office for a cost-effective, integrated T1 / FT1 network. And, the DT-T1 interoperates with GDC’s DeskTop 554A and DataComm 554 T1 / FT1 CSU/DSUs, or with any other data set conforming to the ANSI T1.403 specification, enabling easy placement in existing networks.

Flexible, High Speed Access

When your existing application has outgrown 56 Kbps, the DT-T1 is the answer. It supplies bandwidth as
high as 1.544 Mbps for remote LAN access and Internet service provisioning, while saving on equipment costs. And its V.35 interface interconnects LAN routers, T1 multiplexers, videoconferencing, CAD/CAM, and medical imaging equipment over today’s more attractively priced FT1 services.


Service Compatibility

The DT-T1 operates at all N x 56/64 Kbps rates from 56 Kbps to 1.536 Mbps (where N=1 to 24) and at 1.536 Mbps in framed, or 1.544 Mbps in unframed, modes. It supports both the ANSI and AT&T 54016 versions of Extended Superframe (ESF), D4 framing, as well as AMI and B8ZS (clear channel) line coding, to ensure compatibility with the latest digital services. In addition, the DT-T1 complies with the AT&T 54019A specification for FT1 transmission — a requirement for access to Frame Relay services.

Easy Installation

The DT-T1 simplifies both initial installation and any future reconfiguration.  A console port on the back panel allows for softoptioning and status monitoring via a VT-100 terminal using simple, text-based screens. In addition, the DT-T1 can be configured through clearly marked on-board option switches, making
it easy for the end-user to install.  An array of LEDs and front panel controlled tests quickly verify equipment operation, as well as identifying signal status and alarm conditions.  To make things even easier, the DT-T1 automates both Line Build-Out (LBO) and framing format selection.

Powerful Diagnostics The DT-T1 supports powerful diagnostic tests, including a full complement of loopbacks, to isolate and quickly resolve system faults. Network administrators can use the DT-T1’s VT-100 interface or convenient front panel switches to test the T1 aggregate circuit, bundled channels, and data
terminal equipment (DTE). The DT-T1 even has a built-in test pattern generator/error detector to minimize
the need for external test equipment. For added flexibility, the network administrator can select from multiple test patterns, including QRSS (Quasi-Random Signal Source) to stress test the T1 link, as well as ITU-T 511 and 2047 for data channel testing. DTE EIA status reporting and a series of reported alarms can be accessed through the VT-100 terminal. In addition, ESF registers provide the carrier with in-service statistics to help monitor the overall performance of the network.  Superior Performance The DT-T1 employs the latest digital technology to ensure the most trouble-free operation possible over the widest range of T1 circuits. Since it incorporates powerful VLSI and microprocessor components, it consumes very little power, resulting in low heat dissipation and longer component life for years of reliable performance.



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