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GDC DataComm Blade Adapter
Extending Existing Infrastructure

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GDC Blade Adapter Extending Existing Infrastructure


• Compatible with AC or DC DataComm shelves.
• Puts empty DataComm slots into service with the latest network access products from GDC.
• Accepts a wide variety of GDC’s Telco-tough Spectra-Comm and Innovx Enterprise products.
• All compatible GDC product cards are hot-swappable into an installed Blade Adapter.
• Customers can retain their DataComm cabling scheme or employ SpectraComm cabling.
• Cost-effective, simplified sparing for more flexible inventories.
• Seamless transition to newest SpectraComm and Innovx platforms.


GDC customers with thousands of legacy DataComm shelves installed in their networks can utilized empty slots for GDC’s newest products without having to invest in additional shelves. The new DataComm Blade Adapter plugs into any two adjacent DataComm slots effortlessly without tools. Shelf backplanes are made fully compatible with card edge connectors which can be cabled up using
either existing DataComm cable schemes or SpectraComm cables and adapters.

Scaleable and Flexible Connectivity

The DataComm Adapter is compatible with line-by-line single blade devices from both GDC’s flagship Spectra-Comm Carrier family of products and the Innovx Enterprise family of products. SpectraComm and Innovx products are 7-inch by 9.5-inch (178 mm by 241 mm) printed circuit cards that conform to GDC’s SpectraComm format.  With the Blade Adapter, existing DataComm shelves can now support these devices which offer an expanded range of applications that include; DDS, FT1, T1, T3, DSL, IP/
Ethernet along with modems.

Expanded Applications Support

The DataComm Blade Adapter provides GDC customers with new networking options that move beyond the legacy DataComm products designed for the DataComm series shelves. Compatible SpectraComm and Innovx products are direct replacements with all the features of the older DataComm series. In addition, customers can install GDC’s new line of IP Routers, Ethernet switches and asynchronous and synchronous serial data-to-Ethernet adapters.  Future releases of line-by-line single blade products will be
supported in both SpectraComm and DataComm shelves alike. As customers use up their open slots they can transition over to the newer SpectraComm and Innovx platforms and not be concerned with compatibility or sparing. 

010M180-002 Blade Adapter with SC 202 Modem 053P006-001
010M180-003 Blade Adapter with SC V.F28.8 (Dial Only) 060P012-001
010M180-004 Blade Adapter with SC V.F28.8 4-Port Modem 060M012-511
010M180-005 Blade Adapter with SC Dual Modem 060P027-002
010M180-006 Blade Adapter with SC 521A DSU 076P028-001
010M180-007 Blade Adapter with SC 553 T1 DSU 076P016-001
010M180-008 Blade Adapter with SC 800 T3 DSU 076P015-001
010M180-009 Blade Adapter with SC-IP T1 Router 076P032-001
010M180-010 Blade Adapter with SC-IP E1 Router 076P032-002
010M180-011 Blade Adapter with SC-ES 9-Port Ethernet Switch 076P033-002
010M180-012 Blade Adapter with SC-ADT Async Transport 076P046-001
010M180-013 Blade Adapter with SC-SDT Sync Transport 076P048-001
010M180-014 Blade Adapter with SC 500A DSU 048P050-001
010M180-015 Blade Adapter with SC V.F ADR 060M012-001
010M180-016 Blade Adapter with SC-IP DSL Router (4-wire) 076P034-001
010M180-017 Blade Adapter with SC-IP DSL Router (2-wire) 076P034-002

200P006-001 Innovx SurePath 202 Modem 200P006-001
200P012-001 Innovx SurePath V.34 Modem (Dial Only) 200P012-001
200P012-511 Innovx SurePath V.34 Modem 4-Port Modem 200P012-511
200P027-002 Innovx SurePath V.34 High Density Modem 200P027-002
200P028-001 Innovx SurePath DDS DSU 200P028-001
200P016-001 Innovx SurePath T1 DSU 200P016-001
200P015-001 Innovx SurePath T3 DSU 200P015-001
200P032-001 Innovx FastRoute T1 Router 200P032-001
200P032-002 Innovx FastRoute E1 Router 200P032-002
200P033-002 Innovx FastSwitch 9-Port Ethernet Switch 200P033-002
200P046-001 Innovx LAN Link Async 1600 Transport 200P046-001
200P048-001 Innovx LAN Link Sync 300 Transport 200P048-001
200P012-001 Innovx SurePath ADR 200P012-001
200P034-001 Innovx FastRoute DSL Router (4-wire) 200P034-001
200P034-002 Innovx FastRoute DSL Router (2-wire) 200P034-002


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