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GDC Communications Packaging:
Cabinets, Enclosures, Shelves and Power Supplies

High density, easy access cabinets offer effective central-site resource management
Compact enclosures for convenience in desktop office installations
Space-saving mounting shelves support a broad range of GDC internetworking products
Highly reliable power supplies, AC or DC, worldwide safety agency approved and EMI compliant

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GDC Cabinets

GDC's equipment cabinets enable better management of your valuable communications resources at
both branch and central site locations. Designed around the industry standard 483 mm (19 in.) panel, they enable maximum high-density installations for a wide variety of our rackmounted communications products. They feature front and rear openings for easy access to cards, cables and connectors.  Rapid heat issipation via a combination of cooling vents, fans and optional blowers (for larger systems) prolongs the life of and ensures high reliability of all units. Smoked acrylic front doors and chip-resistant textured paint give these durable, functionally designed cabinets a high level of aesthetic appeal. All cabinets comply with the current
UL and EN standards for safety protection.

GDC EP-6 Cabinet               

The EP-6 cabinet is a highly versatile systems cabinet that houses GDC APEX® ATM, NexEra™ Packet Voice Gateway, Multimedia, and Network Access products, or any EIA telecommunications equipment in a variety of configurations.

GDC EP-5 Cabinet               

EP-5 The EP-5 is a single-shelf cabinet designed for our family of 179 mm (7 in.) shelves. It supports one 16-slot SpectraComm/Universal Access System (SC/UAS) shelf, providing compact and attractive housing and resource consolidation for office environments.

GDC EP-1B Cabinet              

This compact cabinet has overall dimensions of 489 mm (19.25 in.) wide by 318 mm (12.5 in.) high by 508 mm (20 in.) deep. It accommodates a single, standard 483 mm (19 in.) shelf.

GDC Enclosures and Shelves

GDC’s enclosures and shelves are an integral part of its Broadband, Multimedia and Advanced Network Access Division solutions, offering service providers and corporations intelligent, value added packaging.  Choices range from convenient one slot models for branch office environments to higher capacity rackmount enclosures and shelves for regional and central office applications.

NEBS-compliant SpectraComm/UAS shelves and enclosures offer 179 mm (7. in) high housing for our SpectraComm and UAS products while our DataComm shelves and enclosures are designed for the 267 mm (10.5 in.) high DataComm and NMS products. All rackmount shelves and enclosures are fully compatible with GDC’s equipment cabinets, ensuring seamless, scalable, and easy to maintain installations.

GDC (SC/UAS) SpectraComm/Universal Access System           

The SC/UAS Series shelves offer compact, high density rackmounting for GDC’s SC and UAS Series access products.  The SC/UAS shelves’ 16-slot capacity, along with the ability to mix and match a variety of access products on one shelf.

GDC SpectraComm 2000                                                               

The SC 2000 is designed for the space limitations of remote cabinets or Central Offices. A wide range of SpectraComm plug-in cards are available for the SC 2000 shelf.  The SpectraComm 2000 meets EIA-310E specifications for rackmount installation and is designed to accommodate wallmounting installation as well.


GDC RA 1000                                                                                  

The Remote Access 1000 (RA1000) is a stand-alone enclosure designed to install horizontally or on the wall. The enclosure is AC powered using a replaceable internal power supply module and a removable power cord. It accepts one General DataComm SpectraComm (SC) module.

GDC Mulitpak                                                                                  

The ten slot SpectraComm Multipak Enclosure is a high density package for CPE locations. This attractive enclosure accepts a wide range of SpectraComm low profile, seven-inch high cards for space-saving installations.

GDC Universal System Shelf (USS)                                               

The Universal System Shelf Series provides integrated network packaging for GDC's DataComm non-managed and NMS managed digital and analog access products, and rackmount version of the Metroplex® 6000 system for T1/E1 voice/data applications.

GDC DataComm DS Series                                                             

DataComm DS Series The DataComm DS Series shelves accept up to 16 rackmount DataComm access devices at a range of data rates for cost-effective, flexible analog or digital access. They provide 483 mm
(19 in.) of horizontal and 267 mm (10.5 in.) of vertical mounting space in a 343 mm (13.5 in.) deep space, enabling easy mounting in any standard 483 mm (19-in.) cabinet. Up to six DS Series shelves can be housed in an EP-6 cabinet for high density applications.
GDC Dual DATX Series                                                                     

The Dual DATX Series shelves are designed exclusively for use with GDC's data-over-voice channel cards.  These products feature the dual modem concept, so that 32 channels can be accommodated by these 16-slot shelves.

GDC Tripak                                                                                        

The GDC Tripak houses up to three DataComm or NMS access products.  The TriPak is available in two models: the TPS-1 for 117 VAC and the TPS-2 for –48 VDC input power applications.

GDC DataComm 24 / 48 VDC                                                           

DataComm 24/48 VDC The DataComm 24/48 VDC enclosures are designed to operate in cellular systems or telephone company central offices using the available –24 VDC or –48 VDC power.  Each enclosure houses one standard DataComm product.

GDC Power Supplies

GDC’s series of power supply modules and systems provide high reliability plus efficient power distribution for all our communications packaging products.  They are globally approved for safety and EMI compliance. Many are modular in design, allowing users to easily introduce AC or DC power, and some support power sharing and/or redundant powering configurations to minimize system downtime.

GDC GPS-11 DPS-11 Power Supplies                               

The GPS-11 is a plug-in module used in either the OCM or SC/UAS Shelf. A single GPS-11 supports a fully loaded shelf.  This highly reliable power supply handles a wide range of AC inputs, from 90 to 265 VAC.  The DPS-11 is the –48 VDC input voltage version of the GPS-1.


Other Power Supplies                                                         

GPS-13 DPS-7A DPS-9 DPS-18 Supplies

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