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FT100 FT100S - T1 & FT1 CSU/DSU


Flexible, low-cost access to both T1 and Fractional T1 services. These high-powered, easily expandable solutions are compatible with all existing and emerging T1 and Fractional T1 Standards.

Features & Benefits | Specifications

Four high-speed DSU/CSU products give you a terrific choice in both standalone models and RM16M nest cards:
  • TFT 100S with one data port.
  • TFT 100 with two data ports.
  • TFT 100 with one data port, one DS1 Add/Drop port to support integrated voice/data applications.
  • TFT 100EX 2-Port Expander Card for your choice of additional data or voice ports as needed. Up to 11 Expander Cards can be added to a single TFT 100 nested solution for a total of 24 DTE ports.
Ideal for high-speed applications such as LAN interconnection, video teleconferencing, CAD/CAM, PBX, and host system communications.
Compact RM16M nest card versions designed for use in space- saving Data Shelf enclosures.
Supervisory port allows access for configuration, diagnostics, and information on T1 line performance - or for taking control of a remote unit.
Operates at all standard data rates up to 1.544 Mbps.
Fully compatible with Telenetics LocalView Network Management capabilities.
Menu-driven LCD front panel for fast, easy setup and configuration.


DSU/CSU interface to T1 and Fractional T1 facilities operating at up to 1.544 Mbps.
Terminal Ports
Nx56 kbps or Nx64 kbps, V.35.
Add/Drop Port
DSX-1, SF/ESF, coded AMI, or B8ZS. Network Port: Up to 1.544 Mbps.
Expansion (nested solutions)
Up to 11 TFT 100EX 2-port Expander Cards can be added to TFT 100 nested configuration for a total of 24 DTE ports.
Line Coding
Bipolar, AMI, or B8ZS.
Framing Format
Superframe links (SF) or extended superframe links (ESF), selectable.
Customer Interface
Data: V.35(F) via supplied adapter. Add/Drop: DB15(F) via supplied adapter. Other interfaces available - call for more information.
Line Interface
Control Port
EIA-232, DB9(M).
10.25 in. (D) x 7.0 in. (W) x 2.25 in. (H).
115 VAC; 6 Watts.
FCC Reg. #
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