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Coastcom D/I Mux III D/I Mux III
Data Feature Cards

Drop & Insert Mux III D/I Mux III Data Feature Cards

D/I Mux III Data Feature Cards

Data line cards interface various Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) directly with D/I Mux III multiplexers, without the use of modems for full-duplex transmission over T1 lines.
Software-programmable data line cards support synchronous data rates of 1.2 Kbps to 1.536 Mbps, and asynchronous data rates from 1.2 to 19.2 Kbps.

D/I Mux III - ADCU Card
Coastcom's Asynchronous 0-19.2 kbps RS-232C and RS-422 Data Channel Unit interfaces Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) directly with the D/I Mux TDM multiplexer to provide
full-duplex transmission. The unit employs transitional encoding to transmit asynchronous data at rates up to 19.2 kbps with a distortion of less than or equal to 15 percent.

Typical Application

The typical application depicted below illustrates an RS-232 / 422 communication via T1 over any distance with up to ten ADCU’s sharing one DS0 (polled operation). ADCUs can also carry serial data point-to-point without polling.


Specifications Features

RS-232 or RS-442

MTBF > 200,000 hours

Hardware selectable built-in loopback

Operational connections shown via LED

Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 degrees C

Relative humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing

 3-bit encoding for data reliability

Automatic baud rate selection

Polling or point-to-point

Ability to poll up to 10 ADCU’s using one DS0

D/I Mux III - DSDCU Card

Dual Synchronous Data Channel Unit
Using state-of-the-art technology, Coastcom's new DSDCU is designed to accommodate two high speed data channels on a single card, providing a more convenient, economical solution than single channel models. The DSDCU can be hardware optioned to provide V.35, RS-422, or RS-232 interfaces, and software optioned to support data rates of 56/64 Kbps x N (N = 1 to 24). Each channel can be independently mapped to either T1-1 or T1-2, and provides both DDS and proprietary loopbacks.

Typical Applications

Features Benefits
Two Circuits per Card

Each circuit can be independently mapped and provisioned
Provides DDS and proprietary loopbacks
Bandwidth Options 56/64 Kbps, 56/64 Kbps xN (56 Kbps to 1,536 Kbps)
Interface Options V.35, RS-422, RS-232, EIA-530; hardware selectable
Diagnostic Loopbacks Include remote, local, line BERT loopbacks
Built-in BERT Capability Verifies link integrity
Provisioning options Hardware and software control
5-year warranty Reliability guaranteed


DSDCU Card Specifications

Data Interfaces V.35, RS-422, RS-232, EIA-530
Bandwidth Occupancy as (per channel)
*Application dependent
1 to 24 DS0s (V.35/RS-422), EIA-530  1 to 3 DS0s (RS-232)
Reliability MTBF > 200,000 Hours (calculated per TR/TSY - 00332)
Timing modes Internal or external
Maximum connecting Cable length
64 Kbps*
1,000 ft. (V.35)
1,000 ft. (RS-422/449)
1,000 ft. (EIA-530)
50 ft. (RS-232)
Operating Temperature 0°to 50°C
Relative humidity < 95% non-condensing

D/I Mux III - SDCU Card

56/64 Kbps Synchronous Data Channel Units
Coastcom's Smart SDCU channel cards and D/I Mux III allow you to expand your bandwidth from 56 Kbps up to 1.536 Mbps. The RS-232C SDCU allows LAN to LAN connections, supplying one high-speed synchronous data interface to the LAN. Several other versions are available including 56/64K with either V.35 or RS-422, and 56/64K x N with either V.35, RS-422, or RS-232 interfaces.

Typical Applications

Feature Advantages

D/I Mux III - OCUDP Card

Office Channel Unit Data Port
Coastcom's All Rate Office Channel Unit Data Port (All Rate OCUDP) programmable channel and interfaces data applications to T1 transmission facilities.

The All Rate OCUDP provides access to the Dataphone Digital Service from a D/I Mux III multiplexer. The All Rate OCUDP acts as a format converter and a data speed buffer to provide all the necessary rate and format conversions between the 4-Wire DDS loop and the T1 line facility. The All Rate OCUDP transmits and receives data via a single DS0 channel of a T1 line.

In the DDS system, an All Rate OCUDP located at the end office interfaces the customer to the DDS network using a full duplex, synchronous 4-wire loop terminated at the customer site by a Data Service Unit (DSU) or a Channel Service Unit (CSU).

Typical Applications

Feature Advantages

D/I Mux III - SDM and pSDM Cards

Subrate Data Multiplexer / premium Subrate Data Multiplexer Coastcom's SDM family for the D/I Mux III™ Intelligent T1 Multiplexer lets you combine subrate data on a single DS0, eliminating modem expense and maximizing your T1 investment. Whether your application is point-to-point or point-to-multipoint in a private or public network, the intelligent, programmable SDM cards are available in four versions to suit your specific need.

Typical Applications

The SDM is typically used to provide up to five subrate data channels within a single DS0 in a point-to-point network. Each subrate channel can be individually programmed for asynchronous or synchronous at data rates from 1,200 to 19,000 bps for proprietary mode, or 2,400 to 19,200 bps for DDS mode. The SDM reduces the response time and circuit costs by eliminating separate DS0s.

Features Benefits
SDM DS0A Ideal for single subrate device

Synchronous DDS

Provides single port with backplane RS-232 access
SDM DS0B/DS0A Replaces bandwidth intensive analog circuits

Can be used in point-to-network DDS applications Up to five channels in a single DS0 for point-to-point use Data rates up to two 19.2 Kbps, or five low-speed devices
pSDM Premium Subrate Data Multiplexer Allows remote monitoring and testing 

Allows implementation of a flexible synchronous data party line using subrate bandwidth within the T1 network

Provides virtually instantaneous command/response control
MSDM Multipoint Subrate Data Multiplexer Enables point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications

Permits use of up to six RS-232C data interface ports

Allows data rates from 1.2 to 19.2 Kbps

Circuit carried on a single DS0 transmission channel
5-year Warranty Reliability guaranteed


SDM Card Specifications
Framing DDS DDS {Proprietary Synchronous and/or
Ports 1 5* 5 data, 1 network control* 6*
Data rate(Kbps) 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2 DDS: 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2 Prop Async/Synch: 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2   1.2, 2.4, 4.8,
9.6, 19.2
Power 2.2W 3.8W 3.8W 3.8W
Interface RS-232C; DCE Interface
Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C
Relative Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing

D/I Mux III - RLB Card

Remote Lan Bridge Coastcom's Remote LAN Bridge expand LANs by providing a 10Base-T Ethernet bridge between D/I Mux III™ Intelligent Multiplexers. The Remote LAN Bridge offers point-to-point communications to remote sites over T1 lines without the need for routers, and extends the D/I Mux III's Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capability to remote sites.

Typical Applications

With a single Remote LAN Bridge at headquarters and another at a remote office, an SNMP manager at headquarters can control the network as shown in the graphic above.

Features Benefits
10/Base-T LAN Interface Extends LANs
Half and Full Duplex modes Enhances communications to remote sites
Point-to-Point Design Eliminates the need for routers with V.35 interface
WAN Link Rate between 56 kbps
and 1.536 Mbps
Supports variable data rates
Data Protection Works with Coastcom's Automatic Loop Protection Switching (ALPS™)
5-year Warranty Reliability guaranteed


RLB Card Specifications

Fully compatible with IEEE 802.3/Ethernet V.2
  • 10Base-T LAN interfaces
  • WAN links between 56 kbps and 1.536 Mbps
  • Filtering and forwarding rate of 15,000 frames per second
  • 256-frame buffer

10,000-MAC-address LAN table
Automatic LAN table learning and aging mechanism

Maximum connecting
Cable length 64 kbps
1,000 ft. (V.35)
1,000 ft. (RS-422/449)
1,000 ft. (EIA-530)
50 ft. (RS-232)
Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C
Relative Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing

The Coastcom D/I Mux III Drop-and-Insert Multiplexer

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