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Coastcom D/I Mux III
Common Equipment Options

D/I Mux III Common Equipment Options

D/I Mux III  D/I Mux III Common Equipment Options
Common equipment units are the essentials of every multiplexer. They control the system, perform the multiplexing function, and interface to the T1 transmission lines. A D/I Mux III must have either a Common Control Unit (CCU) or an Advanced Multiplexer Control Unit (AMCU), two Line Interface Units (LIUs), a Dual DSX-1 or Dual CSU Interface, Strobe cards (upper and lower strobe cards for the 24-slot shelf), and a power supply. These are the units common to every system, and they reside in specific shelf card slots.

Common Control Unit (CCU) and (AMCU)
The Common Control Unit (CCU) -- and most recent upgrade, AMCU -- stores the operating parameters for control and monitoring of all common equipment and channel cards in the D/I Mux III.

The primary functions of the CCU are:

Power Supply Options

Power Supply -48 VDC Redundant
DC-to-DC converter used to power D/I Mux equipment from an external -48 VDC input supply. Generates +/-12 and +/-5 volt outputs as well as failure alarm signals. Also provides primary (-48v) power fusing. Can be used in a redundant or load sharing configuration when two power supplies are installed. When configured with FXS cards order modular Ring Generator 30333-101. Can be used in an 8/12/24 slot chassis. Replaces 30338-102.

Power Supply 120 VAC
An AC/DC self-contained single-slot power supply that provides all of the voltages necessary to operate a D/I Mux III - except ringing voltage. When configured with FXS feature cards, order modular Ringing Generator 30333-101. Provides +/-12, +/-5, and -48. Can be used in 8, 12 and 24-slot shelves. Replaces a 30308-102A and the combination option of 30315-105A with 30338-103A. Cannot be used in combination with any other power supply.

Line Interface Units A & B (LIUs)

The LIUs interface to the network connection point (T1 Interface). This unit supports software selection of the line coding, and operates in one of three modes: looped timing, internal timing, and external timing. Both LIUs are required for the D/I Mux III to operate in standard channel bank configuration. Coastcom offers two types of LIUs, one for standard Channel Bank Drop-and-Insert & Dual Channel Bank, one of which is ALPS specific. Automatic Loop Protection System (ALPS)

In the event of a line failure, ALPS heals your network automatically without external network management control. Using counter rotating ring technology, it creates an inner and an outer loop. When a T1 link fails, ALPS switches service from the outer loop to the inner loop. The common equipment necessary for ALPS is Coastcom's Advanced LIU and an Advanced CCU or MCU.

Dual CSU

Used when T1-1 is connected to the network and T1-2 is connected to a PBX or a DSX-1 interface on microwave, fiber, higher order multiplexer or DCS. Provides CSU loop backs and automatic repeated bypass during system alarm. Equipped with full bantam jackfield.

There are three versions of Dual Channel Service Unit (CSU) interfaces available: T1/DSX-1, T1/T1, and DSX-1/DSX-1. Each CSU provides slightly different options and capabilities for equalizing output across twisted-pair cable. This process is called line build-out (LBO). This is required to compensate for the characteristics of the twisted-pair cable so that the correct signal level and shape is received at the DSX-1.

With the T1/DSX-1 version, LBO is provided on the T1-1 (network) side, and an equalizing network is provided on the DSX-1 (terminal) side. This version can be used, for example, between a T1-2 network and a digital PBX.

The T1/T1 version provides line build-outs on both sides as well as on both T1-1 and T1-2 to interface to T1 carriers. This version is used in drop-and-insert or dual channel bank applications.

The DSX-1/DSX-1 version provides DSX equalization on both sides. This version is
for private networks which require T1 test capabilities. DSX-1 interfaces work well with transmission equipment such as microwave radios and fiber optic modems.

Other Equipment

Other standard common equipment includes a variety of T1 Interfaces, power supply units, and strobes, and optional Facility Data Link Communications Unit (FDL).

The Coastcom D/I Mux III Drop-and-Insert Multiplexer

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