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Coastcom D/I Mux III Drop and Insert
D/I Mux III Intelligent Multiplexer Product Descriptions

D/I Mux III  Coastcom's D/I Mux III Intelligent T1 access multiplexers offer fully programmable, software controlled T1 voice and data multiplexing. D/I Mux III supports up to 48 voice circuits, 24 super-rate data circuits, 120 subrate data circuits or a combination of voice/data over a single or dual T1 facility. Common equipment and voice/data channel units are fully interchangeable among all three shelf sizes allowing for full compatibility over the D/I Mux III product series.

D/I Mux III can be software configured as a Channel Bank, a Drop-and-Insert Multiplexer, or a Dual Channel Bank supporting two T1 spans simultaneously. Powerful software controlled features offer local and remote Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OA&M) capabilities. Special Features include Time-of-Day Bandwidth Reallocation and DACS Grooming. The system carries UL, CSA, FCC Parts 15 and 68 and Canadian D.O.C approval and is compatible with all major telecom carrier’s switched services and virtual private network services.

All systems support both T1 and Fractional T1 services with optional support for both AT&T and ANSI non-intrusive performance monitoring standards.

D/I Mux III Features:

D/I Mux III with SNMP Features:

Common Equipment

Voice Feature Cards

Data Feature Cards

Special Feature Cards

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