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Canoga HF1001 Industrial Hardened 100 Mbps
 Ethernet Copper to Fiber Media Converter 


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Product Features:

Hardened for Industrial, Plenum and Outdoor Applications

AC or DC Powered with Choice of Temperature Range

Crossover Switch on RJ-45 Port

Visual Status Information Provided by Two Sets of LEDs for Any

Angle Easy Viewing

Sealed Metal Enclosure Requires No Airflow for Cooling

Auto-Negotiation Supported

Extend LAN Distance up to 40 Km on Single Mode Fiber

The model HF1001 Hardened 100 Mbps Ethernet Copper to Fiber Media Converter is industrial strength all the way. Rugged packaging extended temperature capability, choice of AC and DC power and ease-of-use are the primary characteristics of this flexible product. Convert and transmit data between 100BaseTX shielded twisted pair (STP) and 100BaseFX fiber optic cables for media flexibility in new or expanding 100 Mbps Ethernet networks. The unit is fully compliant with the Fast Ethernet specification and the IEEE 802.3u standard. The HF1001 is also energy efficient, consuming only 3 watts in use.

The HF1001 Hardened 100 Mbps Ethernet Copper to Fiber Media Converter features a sealed metal case, which is also used to dissipate heat. The HF1001 requires no airflow for cooling so it easily resists dust, dirt, moisture, smoke, insects and protects the unit internals in case of
fire. A selection of external AC or internal DC power options are available to fit virtually every requirement. The ambient temperature rating for the rugged HF1001 is 40C to +75C depending on the power source used.

The model HF1001 Hardened 100 Mbps Ethernet Copper to Fiber Media Converter is designed to provide reliable, trouble free operation in harsh industrial and outdoor applications environments. The high-strength fabricated metal packaging shields against Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

The HF1001 is backed by a full three-year factory return warranty.

Canoga Perkins HF1001 Data Sheet with Specifications


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